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First of the 3 connected houses (, which is settled the hotel Constans Prague), was created by manufacturer Patrick von Stadtpastete of the yard of Czensaye in 1617. In gentleman extended he and it called 1622 Pettman the bought house „at seven candle stands “. Later the house was damaged strongly during the campaign Saxonia Sweden. In 1667 under the circumstances in the Czech kingdom the house in janv was bought. Jindrich Preuner a yard cutter and in 1690 achievements by the well-known European painter with an influence strong Vaclav Hranicky and its wife Constans.
Constans finally committed the house at its second it younger married man Isaak Godini, which was a well-known Italian painter of Jewish origin (Godini admits under the name). In 1802 the received house a new owner Josef Dvoran, a member of the niedrigereren Noblesse and their family. Later the changed owners very often. Hotel Constans Prague - a technical designer Zacharias Fiegert under the instructions of the family of Lauchtenschlager resounds new soils to the building added in 1815, which won so its present aspect. The inside won its present aspect after the large fire in 1834. The other house was created in 1602 by his owner Jakob Teyfl (domestic of yard room), which sold it on later one of the members of the secret count Kinsky von Ferdinand von Gemeindefamilieberater von Kinsky. It increased commercial activities within this range. Under the influence of the economic situation in the country the owners very often changed. In 1804 the family of the technical designer Aloise Palliardi and its wife Magdalena acquired the building. Thank its favorable position in the proximity of the lock that construction industry was extended, and its part until today retained is.
Hotel Constans Prague - hotel Constans Prague of the piece - room1 hotel Constans Prague - room2 offers **** Prague de Constans of the hotel of 32 roomy halls, which combine the historical original model with the current luxuriösen supply and the decoration. The hotel can offer the rooms for two persons with the marriage, and the separate large beds, some among them can be connected. All halls are equipped with a bath with the shower or a bath tub, a Bidet and toilets, a television via mini bar satellite and and a telephone with the direct internal line. They can likewise estimate apartments with roomy balcony.
The memory halls are air-conditioned. Hotel Constans Prague - room2, if you need the auxiliary services like specially the bed, reads from camp, pension half, full pension, which the country in Prague and by Böhmen of the lights for cultural events and many different visit according to your desire that you can require it directly of the receipt. If you come to the hotel with the motor vehicle, you can use yourselves the system of stationing and hotel security (capacity up to 18 motor vehicles). Hotel Constans Prague - room3 is C' a pleasure, so that we receive guests and visitors from Prague of the hotel from Constans in the hotel restaurant, where likewise the lunch one serves. The hotel restaurant is set with sensitivity in the original halls of bent ground floor with the covers or the bundle. It is divided in 3 parts with interesting architecture. The visitors can estimate the private and calm atmosphere as well as outstanding food and indication wines

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